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Over-boarding and Recovery System

Over-boarding and Recovery System

In 2013, Denith Engineering was tasked with a critical project: designing and supplying the Over-boarding and Recovery System for a flexible subsea umbilical. The challenge was to optimize the limited deck space on a Harkand Vessel.

Maximizing Efficiency in Limited Space

Denith Engineering designed an Over-boarding and Recovery System within a constrained deck space. The company delivered a comprehensive solution comprising essential components such as the Powered Reeler, Umbilical Guiding System, and the Stinger.

The Powered Reeler

At the heart of the system lays the Powered Reeler, a robust and efficient mechanism that plays a vital role in the controlled deployment and retrieval of the subsea umbilical. This design ensured that the umbilical is efficiently spooled and unspooled, offering precision and control throughout the entire operation.

Umbilical Guiding System

The Umbilical Guiding System is another critical component and ensures a seamless transition from the Reeler to the Puller, minimizing friction and avoiding entanglements.

Efficient Over-boarding with the Stinger

Denith Engineering’s expertise extended to the development of the Stinger, a specialized tool for efficiently over-boarding the subsea umbilical. This carefully designed mechanism ensured controlled and accurate placement of the umbilical, enhancing safety and optimizing operations during subsea activities.

Comprehensive Supply and Successful Commissioning

Denith’s commitment to excellence extended beyond the individual components. The company provided both under-deck stiffening and above-deck mounting pedestals as part of their supply, ensuring a complete and integrated solution. The meticulous design and seamless integration of the system enabled successful commissioning, leading to the smooth deployment of the umbilical handling system.

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Denith Engineering’s Over-boarding and Recovery System stands as a testament to the company’s engineering excellence. By overcoming space constraints and providing an all-encompassing solution, Denith has revolutionized subsea operations, enabling efficient and precise handling of flexible subsea umbilicals. Embrace Denith’s tailored solutions for your subsea requirements and unlock a new era of productivity and efficiency in your operations.

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