Main Hoist Winches

Main Hoist Winches: Reliable Launch and Recovery Solution

Denith Engineering, a trusted provider of engineering solutions, is proud to present its advanced Main Hoist Winches (MHW). These winches, with a capacity of 120T SWL, offer a reliable and efficient solution for launching and recovering specialized sampling tools.

Optimized Design for Enhanced Performance

Our expert engineers meticulously designed the Main Hoist Winches to meet the challenges of launch and recovery operations. The innovative winch design was incorporated into a system where the winches work in tandem with a single hoist rope allowing the hoist rope to be reeved from one winch to the other.

This unique design enables seamless reeving of the rope between winches, ensuring smooth and controlled operations. Each winch can independently handle high load and speed in contingencies like tool obstructions or vessel heaving.

Denith Engineering’s MHW feature dedicated rope spooling gear, driven and electrically controlled for precise handling during launch and recovery. The winches provide reliability and redundancy for uninterrupted performance.

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