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AHC Winch and A-Frame for Trencher Handling

AHC Winch and A-Frame for Trencher Handling

In 2014, Denith Engineering secured a crucial contract to design and supply a self-contained Launch and Recovery System for Jan De Nul’s vessel, featuring the innovative AHC Winch and A-Frame. This system enabled the seamless deployment and retrieval of their newly acquired underwater trenching crawler.

Enhancing Offshore Wind Farm Operations

With demand for offshore wind farms rising, efficient trenching, laying, and burying of power cables from wind turbines onto land has become increasingly prevalent. Denith Engineering’s self-contained LARS was purpose-built to streamline the trenching process.

Components of the AHC Winch and A-Frame

The scope included the design and supply of various components, as well as invaluable assistance during installation and commissioning. Key elements of the system comprised:

  • 4-Cylinder A-Frame

    Equipped with a 130-degree actuation angle, the A-Frame facilitated precise handling and deployment of the trenching crawler.

  • Tool Catcher

    This vital component captured the trenching crawler while it was partially submerged, minimizing movement during launch and recovery cycles.

  • Deck Beams

    Strategically designed to spread the load and reduce the underdeck stiffening, the deck beams enhanced the system’s overall structural integrity.

  • 42T SWL ACH Winch

    The powerful AHC Winch, equipped with 350m of 65mm wire rope, boasted a sophisticated drive system featuring 10 dual displacement motors and pinions driving a ring gear at each end of the drum. The active heave compensation, controlled through high-speed response valves, the PLC system, and a Kongsberg Motion Reference Unit (MRU), ensured precise control during operations.

  • Hydraulic Power Unit

    Comprising three 310 kW electric motors driving variable displacement pumps, alongside separate secondary pumps for boost and pilot pressure, the Hydraulic Power Unit was compactly housed in two 6m containers. A containerized MCC and control container housed the main switchgear, PLCs, and control desk.

Analyzing and Strengthening the Deck Structure

Denith Engineering’s comprehensive approach extended beyond equipment supply. The company also conducted an in-depth Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the vessel’s deck structure and provided detailed guidance for the client’s underdeck stiffening initiatives, ensuring the seamless integration and functioning of the LARS.

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In conclusion, Denith Engineering’s AHC Winch and A-Frame for Trencher Handling have played a pivotal role in advancing offshore wind farm operations. The designed and supplied LARS, along with the added support in analyzing and strengthening the deck structure, exemplify Denith’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that boost efficiency and safety in the offshore industry. Embrace Denith’s expertise for your offshore ventures and propel your operations to new heights of success.

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