Hydraulic Hose Reeler

Hydraulic Hose Reeler: Ensuring Efficiency and Reliability

In 2012, Denith Engineering received a request from Trident Australia to design and build Umbilical Reelers for the Gorgon Gas Project in North West Australia. This collaboration marked an important milestone in our commitment to delivering high-quality engineering solutions.

Efficient Design for Optimal Performance

The 75mm diameter Umbilicals consisted of 8 fluid lines, each with a hose pressure of 250 bar. Our team efficiently designed each reeler with a capacity of 300m, ensuring ample storage for the umbilicals. Moreover, the top layer of the reelers provided a line pull of 1.6 Tonne (T), enabling smooth and efficient operation in demanding offshore environments.

Denith Engineering’s dedication to meeting industry standards was evident throughout the design process. Each reeler was carefully engineered to comply with the DNV GL offshore ship-to-ship lift requirements. As part of the stringent testing, we developed a specialized quick-release hook between the crane and the mainframe. This innovative design allowed us to subject the reelers to a controlled drop test. They were safely dropped 300mm onto the yard hard standing to ensure their durability and reliability.

Innovative Rotary Fluid Couplings

A crucial component of each reeler was a 10-port Rotary Fluid Coupling, which we specified and procured. Building on this experience, we subsequently designed and manufactured our own Rotary Couplings using 316 Stainless Steel and suitably treated EN19 forgings. This innovative approach significantly enhanced the performance and longevity of the reelers.

The successful deployment of these Hydraulic Hose Reelers on the Gorgon Gas Project, as well as other projects, is a testament to Denith Engineering’s unwavering commitment to delivering efficient and reliable solutions in the field of hydraulic systems.

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