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AHC Winch and A-Frame

AHC Winch and A-Frame for MV Theo

In 2014, Denith Engineering proudly collaborated with Seaway International, a valued client, on an extraordinary project. Our team undertook the design, supply, installation, and setup of an advanced AHC Winch and A-Frame for their vessel, MV Theo.

Meeting Unique Requirements

This project presented a unique set of challenges. Firstly, it called for a remarkable 25 Tonne SWL AHC Winch, equipped with 6000m of 60mm synthetic fiber rope. Additionally, to ensure a 3.5m load clearance from the vessel’s stern, an overboarding A-Frame was essential. To operate autonomously, independent of the ship’s main power, our solution incorporated dedicated diesel-driven hydraulic power packs. Moreover, meticulous consideration was given to the limited deck space.

Denith Engineering’s Solution

Denith Engineering expertly delivered a tailored solution, addressing the project’s distinctive challenges with precision and innovation. To begin with, we designed and implemented a 25 Tonne SWL x 6000m synthetic fiber rope system. This system employed advanced active heave compensation technology, allowing for precise control. By incorporating a proportional high-response control valve, we ensured optimal performance.

For seamless rope guidance, we ingeniously devised a sliding mechanism for the winch. This allowed the whole winch to move from side to side during operation. Through the use of hydraulic cylinders and stainless steel on High-Density Polyethylene slides, we achieved frictionless rope transfer from the drum to the overboarding sheave. Additionally, strategically installed fixed rollers enhanced the guidance process.

The winch drum drive system utilized a ring gear with multiple pinions and dual-speed hydraulic motors, providing reliable operation and efficient control. To regulate the hydraulic oil flow in active heave compensation mode, we employed a bank of accumulators.

To achieve self-sufficiency, we mounted two containerized diesel-driven hydraulic power units directly forward of the winch. 

For centralized control and monitoring, we installed a separate container equipped with a small power Motor Control Center, control desk, and Programmable Logic Controller. This setup facilitated efficient operation of the AHC Winch and A-Frame system.

Lastly, we incorporated a hydraulically actuated A-Frame, featuring precision-engineered hydraulic cylinders with Linear Variable Differential Transducer. Ensuring accurate positioning of the A-Frame during outbourding and inboarding operations. This dynamic A-Frame, with a large-diameter overboarding sheave, enabled smooth and efficient operations. With leg centers measuring 8m and a height of 10m under the overboarding sheave, the A-Frame provided optimal load clearance.

Denith Engineering’s unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver tailored engineering solutions enabled us to successfully complete the AHC Winch and A-Frame project for MV Theo. For more information about our comprehensive engineering services, please visit our website at https://denith.co.za. Stay updated on our latest projects and industry insights by following our LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/company/denith-engineering/.

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