70 Tonne Cable Reeler

70 Tonne Cable Reeler

In 2010, Anchor Industries entrusted Denith Engineering to design and supply a robust 70 Tonne (T) Cable Reeler. This heavy-duty machine is engineered to handle a wire rope reel capacity of 70T with a line pull of 8T at 0.5m/s. 

Efficiency in Design and Performance

The core of Denith’s wire rope spooling machine lies in its impeccable design and unparalleled performance. Further more the machine’s maximum design reel diameter of 3.6m and width of approximately 4.2m ensures seamless handling of large wire rope reels.

Optimizing Transport and Versatility

To cater to ease of transport, Denith Engineering set the machine’s transport width at 3m, which is the maximum unescorted road transport limit. As a result this allows for the efficient relocation of the spooling machine to various operational sites, ultimately optimizing its versatility and adaptability.

Self-Contained Power Unit and Precise Control

Denith’s wire rope spooling machine is equipped with its own self-contained electro-hydraulic power unit and control set. Notably the machine’s reel drive relies on a geared hydraulic motor, driving a lay shaft. Additionally utilizing adjustable pins on a drive arm, allows accommodating a wide range of reel sizes.

Tailored to Suit Multiple Reel Types

Various axle sets and sleeves can be accommodated to suit different reel types. Thus, ensuring seamless handling of a diverse array of wire rope reels.

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Denith Engineering’s high-capacity wire rope spooling machine has proven to be a game-changer for heavy-duty operations in Southern Africa. With its remarkable load capacity, precise control, and adaptability to different reel types, the machine has successfully met and exceeded expectations. Embrace Denith’s tailored solutions for your industrial needs and empower your operations with efficiency, reliability, and performance.

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