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Deep Sea Lowering System

Efficient Deep Sea Lowering System for the Gorgon Project

In 2012, Subsea 7 Australia approached Denith Engineering to design a reliable Deep Sea Lowering System for the Gorgon Project, one of the worlds largest Liquified Natural Gas projects. The objective was to safely lower a 1000 Tonne subsea structure to the seabed at a depth of 1400m using the Sapura 3000 crane vessel.

Designing a Reliable Deep Sea Lowering System

Denith Engineering’s experienced engineers successfully designed a robust Deep Water Lowering System for the Gorgon Project. The system incorporated advanced features and components, ensuring safe and efficient operations in challenging offshore environments.

The Deep Sea Lowering System comprised:

  • Wire Rope Storage Winches: Equipped with 6000m of 76mm diameter compacted wire rope, these winches precisely aligned the ropes using hydraulic cylinders, ensuring low tension pull and efficient rope spooling.
  • Bend Sheave Assemblies: The system included guide and bend sheaves for smooth and controlled wire rope movement.
  • Double Drum Traction Winches: Powered using multiple electric motors, gearboxes, and gear drives, ensuring efficient line pull.
  • Overboarding Structures: Sturdy structures supporting winches and sheaves provided stability.
  • Top Sheaves: Two sets of sheaves enabled the use of two fall systems.
  • Traveling Sheave Blocks: Equipped with sheaves, bearings, and clevis plates, these blocks ensured smooth movement and alignment of the wire ropes.
  • 1000T SWL Spreader Beam: A strong, rigid spreader beam facilitated safe handling of the subsea structure.
  • Motor Control Center and Control Containers: Housed Variable Speed Drive drives and resistor banks for reliable control and power distribution.

The detailed design and report received comprehensive appraisal and Certification Approval by Lloyds Register, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Reliable Operations in Challenging Offshore Environments

Denith Engineering’s Deep Sea Lowering System for the Gorgon Project demonstrates our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions for offshore operations. With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure successful project execution, meeting clients’ unique requirements in demanding environments.

To learn more about our Deep Water Lowering System or discuss your specific project needs, please contact us. We provide tailored solutions that drive success in the offshore industry.

Trust Denith Engineering for all your engineering needs. We are your reliable partner in success.

For more information about Lloyds Register, visit their website.

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