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Carousel LARS

Carousel Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

Ocean Infinity entrusted Denith Engineering to develop a compact Carousel LARS for their fleet of six unmanned surface vessels (USVs). These advanced USVs autonomously track and collect data from unmanned submarines, serving as vital relay stations between the submarines and the mothership, mv Seabed Constructor.

Denith Engineering’s Innovative Solution

Denith Engineering’s solution secured the successful bid. Two davits, positioned on the port and starboard sides respectively of the mothership, each with a carousel. Each davit stored one vessel and each carousel two vessels. The carousel facilitated seamless rotations, enabling efficient vessel deployment and recovery.

Streamlined Launch and Recovery Process

During the launch process, the davit launches the first vessel, after which the davit rotates to retrieve a vessel from the carousel, which is then launched. Subsequently, the carousel rotates to allow the davit to retrieve the third vessel. The recovery process follows the same sequence in reverse.

Installation and Flawless Operation

Denith Engineering oversaw precise installation in Bergen. Meticulous planning and execution resulted in flawless system operation. Our commitment to reliable solutions was exemplified throughout the project.

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