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6000m AHC Winch

6000m AHC Winch: Pioneering Deep-Water Operations

Ocean Infinity commissioned Denith Engineering to design and supply a custom 25T SWL, 6000m deep-water Active Heave Compensated (AHC) Winch and over boarding C-Frame, LARS meeting Lloyds Certification requirements.

Building on Expertise

By re-using the winch drum and drive system from a winch that was previously supplied by Denith Engineering we were able to provide a cost-effective solution to the client while adhering to the client’s operating requirements. The winch, with a 25T SWL limit and 1.5m/s payout speed, perfectly suited the demanding deep-water challenges.

Leading AHC Technology

The AHC Winch incorporated high-speed hydraulic response valves, our advanced PLC program, and a dedicated Kongsberg Motion Reference Unit (MRU) to optimize performance. This intelligent system compensated for vessel movement, ensuring precise payload control during operations.

Streamlined Spooling System

An efficient spooling system resulted from a well-designed setup by utilising a traveling overhead sheave and bend sheave which directed the 60mm diameter synthetic fiber rope, supplied by Hampidjan, to the overboard C-Frame sheave. The C-Frame configuration catered to height limitations under the ship’s crane, streamlining payload deployment and retrieval.

Successful Commissioning and Beyond

Under Denith Engineering’s expert supervision, we successfully commissioned the AHC Winch and overboarding C-Frame. This milestone marks yet another triumphant collaboration, further solidifying Denith Engineering’s reputation as a pioneer in advanced engineering solutions.

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For more information about our AHC Winch solutions or to discuss your engineering requirements, contact us. Our team is eager to collaborate, delivering cutting-edge solutions for your deep-water operations.

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