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Divers Workstation

Deep Water Diving Equipment

In 2014, Denith Engineering was awarded a contract for Harkand, supplying a specialized divers workstation designed for operations at depths of up to 300m. This purpose-built station, meticulously designed to Class regulations, encompassed a comprehensive array of essential components. 

Seamless Integration of Crucial Components

The diver workstation’s success lies in the seamless integration of crucial components. The A-Frame and three 3,5T winches enable precise lowering and retrieval of tools and equipment, optimizing the diver’s workflow. The hose power block and integrated HPU and control system ensures a steady and reliable supply of power and control, further enhancing the diver’s experience and safety.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Safety and compliance were paramount in the design and construction of the diver workstation. Denith Engineering’s team adhered to Class regulations throughout the entire process. The comprehensive load testing and commissioning conducted under Denith’s supervision in validated the system’s performance and readiness.

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In conclusion, Denith Engineering’s tailored divers workstation exemplifies the company’s dedication to addressing unique challenges in the realm of deep-water diving. Designed and built to meet Class regulations, the station ensures uncompromised safety, efficiency, and reliability at depths of up to 300m. 

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