Revolutionizing Plant Growth with the Trencher

After a number of years of concept design consultation, Agri-Revolution awarded Denith Engineering the prestigious task of designing and prototyping a cutting-edge soil trencher. This machine aims to significantly enhance plant growth on a commercial scale by preparing the soil to a depth of 1.2m while incorporating additives to promote plant yield.

Unmatched Efficiency and Versatility

The trencher’s ingenuity lies in its ability to be towed by a tractor or bulldozer while efficiently cutting the soil to the desired depth. Simultaneously, it dispenses essential additives into the soil, fostering optimal plant growth and maximizing yields.

Successful Prototype Testing

Extensive prototype testing has proven the trencher’s prowess across various soil types. While towed by a bulldozer equipped with a 500kW generator, the trencher delivered outstanding results, setting the stage for its widespread adoption.

Cutting-Edge Design

The trencher comprises a skid with hydraulic controls for steering and inclination adjustment. It boasts two 135kW electric motors, powering the cutter assemblies through a chain drive speed reducer. Operational control is provided using a compact integrated hydraulic power pack and an electric panel housing variable speed drive units and PLCs.

Real-Time Monitoring and Data Logging

The trencher’s functions and location can be monitored via satellite connection, with all data meticulously logged for analysis and improvement.

Expanding Horizons: The Future of Trenching

The success of the prototype has paved the way for discussions on further development. Denith Engineering aims to design and construct a dedicated tracked machine for towing. This advanced machine will be equipped with all necessary support equipment and controls to revolutionize trenching on a larger scale.

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