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Davit Mastery

Embarking on an extraordinary endeavor, Denith Engineering received a design and manufacturing task to reimagine maritime operations. This involved conceptualizing, designing, and supplying an avant-garde Davit for the MV Sarah Baartman. Operated by SMIT Amandla on behalf of a South African government department, this project holds immense significance.

Empowering High-Speed Maneuvers

At the core of this ambitious project was the challenge of engineering a highly advanced Davit. The objective? Seamlessly Launch and Recover a high-speed chase and interceptor craft, all while the mother ship maintained its motion.

Elevated Standards and Safety

In line with our commitment to excellence, the Davit’s engineering adheres meticulously to Lloyds Register Class requirements. Notably, it incorporates a failsafe emergency power system for its hydraulics. This innovative feature guarantees uninterrupted functionality, even in the face of potential ship power loss.

Precision in Design

Delving into the specifications, the Davit boasts:

  • Safe Working Load: 12.5T
  • Dynamic Design Load: 25T
  • Ingenious Fixed Boom Designallowing a remarkable 180-degree slewing motion for docking the vessel in its storage cradle. This facilitated the secure boarding and disembarking of the crew.

A Legacy of Maritime Excellence

The project was successfully completed in 2008 and is a testament to Denith Engineering’s hallmark precision and excellence.

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