Pulling Winch

Pulling Winch: Enabling Efficient FPSO Riser Connections

In 2013 and 2019, Denith Engineering undertook a series of projects for Technip. Denith Engineering had to design and supply two pulling winch systems to effortlessly pull in 12 risers (6 port and 6 starboard) for Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) connections.

Conceptualizing and Executing Excellence

Our clear mandate encompassed everything from conceptualization to design, manufacturing, and operational assistance during the pull-ins. Denith Engineering embraced this opportunity to showcase our engineering expertise.

Innovative Components for Optimal Performance

Our scope of supply comprised a well-thought-out combination of components:

  • A 30T SWL Winch: This powerful winch boasts 280m of 36mm wire rope, ensuring smooth and efficient riser pull-ins. The drum, centrally supported on spherical roller bearings on two pedestals, features a dual drive system with two geared hydraulic motors and pinions acting on a common ring gear.
  • Self-contained Hydraulic Power Pack: With ATEX rated MCC and controls, this power pack provides safe, reliable and precise hydraulic power for the entire system.
  • Structural Lattice Section: Running along the balcony’s length, this lattice section is equipped with sliders and restraining plates for six bend sheave positions above the riser pipes.
  • Bend Sheave and Housing: Carefully arranged to slide and bolt to the lattice frame above each riser, this component comes equipped with load, speed, and length measurement capabilities, ensuring precise control during operations.

Operational Success

Under the guidance of our skilled site team, the two systems operated seamlessly during the required two three-week operational periods. This successful endeavour highlights Denith Engineering’s dedication to excellence and expertise in handling complex engineering challenges.

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