Towing Winch

Designing and Supplying a Towing Winch for Large Tugs in Durban Harbour

Denith Engineering received an order to design and supply a towing winch for the large tugs operating in Durban Harbour.

Designing the Towing Winch

We equipped the winch with multiple geared hydraulic motors that drive through pinions and a common ring gear, providing a pulling capacity of 100T and a holding capacity of 200 Tonnes. To eliminate the need for the normal mechanical dog clutch capstan drive, we added a separately driven capstan head with a pull capacity of 5T at a rope speed of 0.5m/s. This design ensures easier and safer use, complete with built-in hydrostatic braking.

Ensuring Safer and Easier Operation

We ensured operational safety by implementing two braking systems. The primary method utilizes hydrostatic braking via the hydraulic motors. Additionally, the winch comes equipped with a secondary fail-safe brake. Users can adjust the brake using a hand wheel, enabling manual application of the secondary brake in case of a control failure.

Successful Partnership with Transnet

In 2009, Denith Engineering successfully manufactured, commissioned, and supplied this equipment to Transnet. For more details about our winch solutions or to discuss your engineering requirements, please get in touch with us. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to provide tailored solutions for your specific needs. Stay informed about our latest projects and innovations by following us on LinkedIn.

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