Reel Drive System

Reel Hub Drive System

In 2011, Denith Engineering received a challenging request from Total Nigeria: design, supply, deliver, and commission a 38T Reel Drive System for their Port Harcourt operation. The catch? The delivery period was a mere 8 weeks, from order to completion of Factory Acceptance Testing.

To meet this tight deadline, our team adopted a proactive approach. We carefully selected available proprietary equipment and extended our workshop hours. This allowed us to expedite the process without compromising on the quality of the Reel Hub Drive System.

Our innovative design addressed various requirements, including accommodating reels of different sizes, up to 9 meters in diameter. Additionally, we ensured that the system could be easily disassembled and transported in standard containers, meeting the shipping needs efficiently.

The System consisted of several crucial components:

  1. Base Frame in Four Bolted Sections: The sturdy base frame provided a stable foundation for the entire system.

  2. Two Drive Support Structures: These structures offered robust support to handle the heavy load and ensure smooth operation.

  3. Two Pantograph-Mounted Slew Rings and Pinion Drives: The integration of pantograph-mounted slew rings and pinion drives enhanced the system’s maneuverability.

  4. One Electrically Powered Hydraulic Power Unit: This power unit played a vital role in powering and controlling the system with precision.

Despite the time constraints, our dedicated team delivered the Reel Hub Drive System on schedule, and it was successfully commissioned in Nigeria. We take pride in our ability to meet challenging deadlines while adhering to high-quality standards.

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