Riser Linear Winch For Slurry Hose

Riser Linear Winch for Slurry Hose

Denith Engineering designed and offered a state-of-the-art system in 2019, known as the Riser Linear Winch for Slurry Hose. This innovative solution consisted of a 4-track 45T Pull Riser Linear Winch and Hose Change out System, specifically engineered for the efficient onboarding and offboarding of a large 1450mm outside diameter dredge hose.

Enhanced Design and Optimal Performance

Our team’s expertise led to the evolution of this system from a previously developed three-track design. To accommodate the significant line pull of 45T and ensure optimal safety, we incorporated an additional track, resulting in a highly efficient and reliable 4-track system. The increased number of tracks mitigates the bearing pressure exerted on the hose during operations.

The system showcases our commitment to providing practical and effective engineering solutions. Although this particular unit has not yet been manufactured, it holds a prominent place in our portfolio, poised to meet the demands of future projects.

Driving Efficiency and Reliability

Denith Engineering strives to deliver cutting-edge engineering solutions tailored to industry needs. The Riser Linear Winch for Slurry Hose system is a testament to our dedication to innovation and practicality.

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Denith Engineering remains committed to developing efficient and reliable solutions. Our expertise and dedication enable us to meet the diverse needs of the industry while driving operational efficiency and reliability.

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