280 Ton Winch

Denith Engineering: 280 Tonne Winch for Subsea Crawler Launch and Recovery

In 2017, Denith Engineering took on the design challenge of designing and quoting a powerful 280 Tonne Main Hoist Winch for the launch and recovery of a subsea crawler. Our team’s expertise in engineering excellence enabled us to meet the demanding requirements of this specialized application. 

Advanced Design for High Performance

The 280 Tonne Main Hoist Winch featured an impressive design. It included 12 electric drives with a combined power output of approximately 2000kW (Kilo Watt). The winch’s wire rope had a diameter of 169mm and a length of 280 meters, making it capable of handling the most demanding subsea operations.

Our innovative design allowed the winch to render at 560 tonnes at speeds of up to 2m/s for short periods in case of overload. To achieve this remarkable performance, we implemented proprietary clutches in each drive and precise control mechanisms. These advanced features effectively managed energy generation and reduced cooling requirements without compromising functionality.

Denith Engineering’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions shines through in the design and manufacture of our high-performance winch systems. With our expertise in the field, we provide reliable and efficient equipment to support various offshore operations.

If you are interested in learning more about Denith Engineering’s comprehensive range of AHC Winch and A-Frame solutions or discussing your specific project needs, we invite you to visit our website at https://denith.co.za. Stay updated with the latest industry insights and news by following our LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/company/denith-engineering/.

Denith Engineering takes pride in providing reliable and efficient winch solutions. Our 280 Tonne Winch is designed to contribute to the success of subsea crawler launch and recovery operations.

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