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DNV SAT LARS: Advancing Saturation Diving Operations

In 2019, Denith Engineering achieved another milestone by securing a contract to design and supply an advanced Launch and Recovery System (LARS) for a Saturation Diving System. This system was specifically tailored for operating at a depth of 350 meters, with a bell deployment system utilizing an articulating A-Frame with a bell docking head.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Flexibility

The LARS engineered for two deployment scenarios: through a moon pool at the center of the vessel or over the side of a vessel. This flexibility allows for seamless operations in various operational scenarios, enhancing overall efficiency.

Meeting Stringent Standards

The system is meticulously designed and approved to meet the strict requirements of DNV-GL Class requirements, ensuring utmost reliability and safety.

Comprehensive LARS Components

The LARS comprises several critical components, engineered for optimal performance:

  1. 10T Bell Winch: This powerful winch facilitates the smooth and precise deployment of the diving bell.
  2. 5T Clump Weight Winch: The Clump Weight winch plays a crucial role in balancing and stabilizing the bell during launch and recovery operations. It provides a backup recovery method for the bell in case of main bell winch failure.
  3. 1T Umbilical Winch: The Umbilical winch ensures the safe and efficient management of the umbilical providing the vital life support connection to the divers.
  4. 13T SWL A-Frame: The robust A-Frame, provides dependable support and control during bell articulation and docking.
  5. Moon Pool Cursor: This specialized feature allows precise guiding of the bell inside the moon pool during launch and recovery preventing cable entanglement or impact with the vessel.
  6. Hydraulic Power Pack and Electrical Controls System: These sophisticated components offer precise control and seamless coordination during bell launch, recovery, and docking operations
  7. Mounting Structure for Winches, Hydraulics, and Controls: A sturdy and reliable structure ensured the secure integration of all vital equipment in a modular fashion.

Chambers with Class Certification

As part of a separate contract, Denith Engineering also undertook the design of the Divers Bell and diver Chambers. These components, built to class standards, include:

  • Divers Bell with all penetrations, internal brackets, and standoffs
  • Divers Bell Drop Weight Release Mechanism
  • Bell outer Frame Support Structure with Mountings for drop weights
  • 6 Man Living Chambers with TUP, Bell Clamp viewports, and service locks
  • Two 3 Man Living Chambers with viewports and service locks
  • SPHL Trunk and Clamp
  • All necessary spooling between the chambers

Collaboration and Delivery

Throughout the project, Denith Engineering demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence. We meticulously factory-assembled, delivered, and thoroughly tested the equipment at our client’s premises. Following this, the equipment was efficiently packed and shipped to China by our clients, marking another successful collaboration.

For more information about our DNV SAT LARS solutions or to discuss your engineering requirements, please contact us. Our team is ready to collaborate with you, providing tailored solutions to elevate your subsea operations.

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