Mooring Winch

Mooring Winch

De Beers Marine challenged Denith Engineering to present a proposal for upgrading the mooring winch drives of two crucial mining vessels.

A Dynamic Mooring Endeavor

These vessels are no strangers to precise positioning and movement, as accurate positioning is vital for optimal marine mining operations. The mooring winches play a pivotal role in their continuous and active repositioning over the mining area.

Crafting Retrofit Excellence

Denith Engineering stepped up to the challenge, conceiving and crafting new modernized drive systems tailored for retrofitting to the existing wire rope winding components, all aligned with ABS Class requirements. These innovative units, meticulously designed and manufactured, have been seamlessly integrated into the vessels under our watchful supervision.

Pioneering Operation

These revitalized mooring winch drives have hit the waters with utmost success. They’ve unlocked a new level of operational efficiency, propelling De Beers Marine’s mining vessels to navigate and position with unmatched precision.

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