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Divers Workstation

Divers Workstation

In 2013, Denith Engineering was awarded a contract to design, supply, and commission a cutting-edge diver workstation in accordance with DNV GL regulations. Facilitating precise tool basket manipulation and stabilization for divers, revolutionizing their seabed operations.

This workstation encompassed:

  • Three 1.5T SWL Winches: Equipped with 300m of 16-diameter wire rope, these winches seamlessly lower and hold tool baskets with precision. Dedicated sheaves on the top boom of the A-Frame ensures controlled movement, protected by overwinding devices. Hydraulic motors, driving planetary gearboxes, power the winches, while drums are supported on gearbox output flanges ensuring a compact design.
  • Base Frame: Consisting of a strategically raised winch pedestal, this component provides the ideal platform for mounting the winch drives and the A-Frame.
  • Stand Alone Hydraulic Power Pack: A standalone powerhouse, driven by electric motors housed within the raised winch pedestal. Accompanied by a user-friendly control panel, ensuring operation with precision.
  • A-Frame: Mounted to the base frame the A-frame articulated using hydraulic cylinders allowing overboarding of tool baskets up to 2.5m from the vessel’s side.

Seamlessly Unleashing Efficiency

Denith Engineering’s diver workstation proves to be a game-changer, streamlining underwater tasks with finesse. Through expert design, meticulous supply, and flawless commissioning, the system operates in harmony, empowering divers with newfound efficiency.

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