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AHC Winch

Active Heave Control (AHC) Modular Winch System

Denith Engineering was commissioned by Subsea 7 Australia, to design and manufacture an advanced AHC Winch System for their Crane Vessel Sapura 3000. This system ensures precise lowering, controlled positioning, and efficient mating of subsea structures during a variety of sea states.

The AHC Winch System was tailored to meet Subsea 7 Australia’s unique requirements. Its goal is to lower the subsea structure to a predetermined height above the seabed while maintaining accurate positioning and optimal control. Moreover, the system adheres to stringent Australian abnormal load requirements, prioritizing safety and regulatory compliance.

Main Components of the AHC Winch System:

  • 30 Tonne SWL active heave controlled wire rope winch with spooling capabilities, engineered for precision and reliability.
  • Fixed 30 Tonne SWL A-Frame, intelligently designed for easy transportation and deployment of the AHC Winch System.
  • Efficient diesel engine-powered hydraulic containerized power pack with full standby power, ensuring uninterrupted operation in demanding offshore conditions.
  • The control cabin strategically houses essential control and indication systems to ensure seamless operation and monitoring. It is designed to provide operator comfort even in the most adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the cabin enhances the overall functionality and efficiency of the system.
  • The meticulously designed robust base frame accommodates the winch and A-Frame components as a modular unit, ensuring secure deck mounting. This design feature facilitates rapid mobilization and demobilization, streamlining operational efficiency. Additionally, the base frame enhances the overall stability and reliability of the system.

Denith Engineering’s commitment to innovation and exceptional service is evident in this collaboration. With extensive expertise in offshore engineering, Denith Engineering is a trusted partner in the industry.

If you want to learn more about Denith Engineering or have any inquiries, please visit our website here. For regular updates, follow our LinkedIn profile.

Denith Engineering is excited to contribute to Subsea 7 Australia’s Crane Vessel Sapura 3000 project, delivering efficient and reliable offshore solutions.

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