Sampling & Survey Equipment

Conceptualizing and Designing Equipment for Sampling and Survey Vessels

Denith Engineering has collaborated closely with Moana Minerals on various projects, focusing on conceptualizing and designing equipment for their specialized sampling and survey vessels.

Compact Deep Sea Sampling System

The collaboration began with the development of a compact Deep Sea Sampling System for a local Cook Islands service vessel. The system, tailored to Moana Minerals’ unique requirements, ensures efficient and reliable sampling operations. We subsequently designed and laid out various A-Frames, winch installations, and structures to meet rigorous class requirements.

Ocean Floor Mapping Gondola

Moreover, our team undertook the detailed design and planning of an ocean floor mapping gondola. This specialized gondola is mounted on the bottom of their vessel, MV Anuanua Moana. The Gondola houses state of the art survey equipment used for sea bed analysis such as Kongsberg sonar arrays capable of operating in different water depths, echo sounders, an acoustic Doppler current profiler, and a sound velocity sensor.

Ready for Operations

Thanks to our collaboration with Moana Minerals, the vessel has been fully equipped and is now ready for efficient and reliable operations in the Cook Islands. The integration of cutting-edge technologies ensures accurate and comprehensive data collection during survey operations, contributing to the vessel’s effectiveness.

To learn more about Denith Engineering’s expertise in conceptualizing and designing equipment for specialized vessels, please visit our website at https://denith.co.za. Stay connected with us and discover our projects by following our LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/company/denith-engineering/.

Denith Engineering is dedicated to delivering practical engineering solutions that meet the unique requirements of sampling and survey vessels. Our focus on accuracy, efficiency, and reliability drives our commitment to excellence.

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