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Knuckle Boom A-Frame

Knuckle Boom A-Frame LARS

In 2014, Denith Engineering conceptualized and designed a Knuckle Boom A-Frame LARS, tailored for launching a wet bell diving system at a safe distance of 7m from the ship’s side. This ingenious solution was designed with precision to ensure the wet bell remains unaffected by the vessel thrusters, meeting class and FMCA regulations.

Efficiency in Limited Deck Space

The prime challenge faced during the project was the constraint of limited deck space on the vessel. Denith Engineering, strategically opted for a Knuckle Boom arrangement to optimize space utilization. This decision also opened up possibilities for installations in vessels with spatial restrictions.

Seamless Wet Bell Launch with Extended Reach

The 7m reach of the Knuckle Boom A-Frame LARS serves as a critical feature, ensuring the wet bell is launched at an adequate distance from the ship’s side. By keeping the bell clear of any potential influence from the vessel thrusters, ensures the safety and stability of the diving bell.

Compliance with Stringent Standards

The design of the Knuckle Boom A-Frame LARS was meticulously executed to adhere to class and FMCA regulations. This results in a reliable and robust solution that enhances operational efficiency while safeguarding the well-being of the diving team.

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In conclusion, the carefully designed system ensures a seamless and safe launch of wet bell diving systems, even in vessels with limited deck space. 

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