Saturated Diving System LARS

ABS Gantry LARS: Launch and Recovery Equipment for Saturation Diving System

In 2018, Denith Engineering was awarded the contract to design and manufacture Launch and Recovery Equipment for a 6-man Saturation Diving System, specifically developed to operate at depths of up to 350m. This system adhered to the rigorous standards set by ABS and IMCA.

Conceptualization, Design, and Manufacturing

Our team was responsible for conceptualizing, designing, detailing, manufacturing, assembling, and conducting factory function tests for the equipment. The goal was to ensure a robust and reliable system for launch and recovery operations.

The equipment package included various essential components:

  • An ABS Gantry LARS with a 10T SWL Bell Winch, hydraulic drives, ring gear, spooling systems, fail-safe braking systems, and guarding.
  • A 5T Clump Weight Winch designed with similar specifications to the Bell Winch.
  • A 1T line Pull Umbilical Winch capable of handling an 80mm diameter umbilical with a length of 380m. The winch featured a chain drive system powered by a hydraulic motor and equipped with spooling gear.
  • A travelling carriage with hydraulic cylinders, providing precise indexing of the bell from the moon pool to the chamber and secure locking mechanisms.
  • A cursor system in the moon pool to guide the bell and clump weight during launch and recovery operations.
  • A mounting frame for the winches, complete with walkways and ladders to ensure safe access and maintenance.
  • Chamber Main Structure Frames and suitable access points for efficient and safe operations.
  • A hydraulic power pack and a comprehensive set of electrical controls for seamless system operation.
  • Lifting equipment designed and certified to meet the DNV-OH 2.7-3 standards, ensuring safety during installation, operation and maintenance.

We meticulously prepared a design report and a complete data pack for approval by Marine Classification authorities to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Factory Function Testing and Installation

All components of our supply successfully underwent rigorous Factory Function Testing to verify their performance and reliability. Following approval, the entire system was carefully packaged and shipped to Singapore for installation by the client.

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Denith Engineering’s expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality launch and recovery equipment ensure efficient and reliable operations for Saturation Diving Systems.

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